Trees, Humans… We are the same…

Both humans and trees are mortal. Like humans, the tree expectancy varies from species to species. Some trees are known to live for hundreds of years but that’s impossible for humans. While 60-80 years is common, a life expectancy of around 100+ years is rare. As much as we are influenced by our atmosphere so are trees. Pollution in the environment affects both trees and human lives. Neither of us is [im]mortal.

After reading this post, the strength of the trees friendship got stronger. Humans may not live longer than the tree, however, the both of us are mortal organisms just like every other living creature who takes a breath from this land.

It is important that we notice that there are other living beings on Earth, because we have to save them. Humanity has done too much for themselves, and we need to give our thanks to the little things that keep us going. Just looking at a tree could put one at ease and so why can’t we have the trees look back and feel at ease as well.


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